LabImage CC Features


Workflow guided
Workflow guided LabImage CC supports your image analysis with an integrated step by step workflow. With the user friendly interface you can create reliable results very easily. LabImage CC does not require time consuming trainings.

Colony Detection
Save the time spend on manual counting. LabImage CC detects the colonies
automatically within seconds. With the adjustable parameters and the extraction channels you can speed up the detection.

Different ROI Shapes

LabImage CC offers you three shapes for the region of interest. The polygonal ROI enables you to define irregular forms easily.
You can use several variably shaped ROI’s in one image.

Automatic Splitting
The integrated automatic splitting helps you to separate clustered colonies. After the splitting the data table is updated automatically. You can also split colonies manually by drawing a division line.

Highest Level of Automation
Labs mainly work with larger sets of dishes and plates so automation is a crucial aspect of processing data. LabImage CC offers a very flexible macro system to process larger sets of images.

Classify objects either manual or in automatic mode according to size, colour or form factor

 CC L200CC L220CC L240
Operating System   
Windows Version (Win 7, 8, 10)xxx
32/64 Bit Versionxxx
Mac OS X Versionxxx
Linux Version, on request   
Available Languages   
Integrated in LabImagexxx
Download Manual as PDFxxx
On Websitexxx
Printed Manual (extra cost)xxx
Web based video tutorialxxx
Tool Tips and Status Bar Hintsxxx
Online Updatexxx
Update with CD/DVD/Filexxx
Web-based Support Systemxxx
Image Types / Import   
Import Common Image Types (Tiff, JPG, BMP, PNG …)xxx
Import IMG/INF Formats (e.g. FUJI)xxx
Full 16 bit Image Processingxxx
Aquire Images from Scanner/Cameras (TWAIN) xx
Controlling of external devices (Optional)xxx
Image pre processing   
Crop, Rotate, Mirror xx
Image Filters: Noise, Sharpen etc. xx
Brightness, Contrastxxx
Scale Calibration   
Multiple ROIs (Region of Interest) xx
Excluding ROIsxxx
Object Detection   
Full automatic objekt detection (global Threshold)xxx
Full automatic objekt detection (local Threshold)   
Detection based on sizexxx
Detection based on form factorxxx
Classification based on size xx
Classification based on form factor xx
Classification based on colour xx
Any combination of colour, size and form factor xx
Adjustable parametersxxx
Local and global search parameters xxx
Multi channel object detection xx
Manual object classificationxxx
Full automatic object classification xx
Manual object classification   
Record if analysis setsxxx
Automatic and manual splitting of objectsxxx
Set of calculation valuesxxx
Assign absolute Size for Objectsxxx
Size calibrationxxx
Predefined Reportsxxx
Notes (boxes, arrows)   
3D Plot for image   
Export Report to PDF xx
Export report to other formats (rtf, xls) xx
Print Reports xx
Personalized Reports xx
Automation/Batch Processing   
Create Macros for Automation  x
All commands can be used in macro mode   x
Edit Macros in Editor  x
Apply Macro to single Image  x
Apply Macro to Image Stack  x
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance (Additional Module needed)   
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance xx
Secure Data Storage in Database xx
User Management xx
Recording of Audit Trails xx
Create Reports for Audit Trails xx
More Features   
Data Storage in Databasexxx
Multi User Database (with optional Plug-In)xxx
USB-Dongle Licensesxxx
File Based Licensesxxx
Online Licence Updatexxx
Stand-Alone Licensesxxx
Network Licenses incl. Serverxxx
Update Network Licensesxxx
Export Analysis Data (CSV, XLS)xxx
Export Analysis Data to Applicationxxx
Export Analysis Data to Clipboardxxx
Customizable User Interface and Preferencesxxx