LabImage EA (ELISA Analyzer)
LabImage EA is designed as evaluation software for ELISA and, in addition to a very stringent data evaluation, also provides a module with which the evaluation processes can be defined very freely. This includes the definition of the spots, their function and the combination for evaluation. For faster processing, evaluation steps can be automated using macros. A report module provides the appropriate data reports. At the same time, all data can be exported from the application. In addition, full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 was guaranteed. The software could access common ELISA readers.
The software was developed internaly. It is not yet available. Potential Partners are welcome.  
Field of Application

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is a commonly used analytical biochemistry assay, first described by Eva Engvall and Peter Perlmann in 1971. The assay uses a solid-phase type of enzyme immunoassay (EIA) to detect the presence of a ligand (commonly a protein) in a liquid sample using antibodies directed against the protein to be measured. ELISA has been used as a diagnostic tool in medicine, plant pathology, and biotechnology, as well as a quality control check in various industries. In the most simple form of an ELISA, antigens from the sample to be tested are attached to a surface. Then, a matching antibody is applied over the surface so it can bind the antigen. This antibody is linked to an enzyme and then any unbound antibodies are removed. In the final step, a substance containing the enzyme’s substrate is added. If there was binding, the subsequent reaction produces a detectable signal, most commonly a color change.

What is so special?
The software was designed top work as fully automated solution using an imager as a complete system.
Involved devices /imagers
Available readers can be connected. 



Structure of ELISA plate


GUI concept of ELISA app