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Colony and Cell Counting

Analysis for Line Assays and Blots

1D Gels and Western Blots

Object Analyser for Colony Plates

Image Measurement and Object Detection

Reader Support


The Dynablot Automatic is a system which fully automates blot processing starting with samples being pipetted and finishes with camera image capture.


The LabImager TR is a brand new reader for routine diagnostics. It digitizes data as immuno strips, plates or broad range of trays.


Any TWAIN compliant reader can be used to read strips from a template 

LabImage Custom Apps

Micro Plate Analysis in Food Testing

This application was made to analyze MPN cell counts in micro plates. It works in lab routine.  

1D Gels for Routine

This application was made to analyze 1D gels in combination with a custom reader. It was intend to work in doctors office.

Analysis of Crystallization Processes

This application was made to analyze structures in cristaline processes. It is based on neural networkes providing expert training systems.