LabImage LA – Line Assays and Lateral Flow

The LabImage LA is an application developed for the evaluation of strip based tests and line assays. LabImage LA is easy to integrate in every laboratory process. It significantly increases the efficiency of any analysis evaluation process for all types of strip based tests like lateral flow, line assays, immuno- and western blots.


The right package to your lab!

LabImage LA comes as a package of modules which will be compield for your specific needs. Modules available for LIMS communication, database search, device integration and many more.   

Make it a full analysis system with compliant readers 


The Dynablot Automatic is a system which fully automates blot processing starting with samples being pipetted and finishes with camera image capture.


The LabImager TR is a brand new reader for routine diagnostics. It digitizes data as immuno strips, plates or broad range of trays.


Any TWAIN compliant reader can be used to read strips from a template 

Create your tests yourselfs!

LabImage LA strictly distinguishs between the analysis software and the tests. Tests contain the definition how to analysis the strip. This makes it very flexible as the main software is untouched if the tests has to be modified. LabImage LA is the only tool to provide a graphical test editor.        

List of Screens


Free Download available 

LabImage LA is available for free download. Download now and experience the intuitive concept behind LabImage LA.  

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