Team and Management

Olaf Brenn, the CEO and founder of Kapelan Bio-Imaging, knows the diagnostics business inside out. With a background in business engineering, he brings more than 20 years of work experience in diagnostics to Kapelan’s software projects and has gained experience both in product development, marketing and sales. The team includes a growing number of dedicated software programmers as well as highly-qualified bioinformatics scientists, supported by a broad network of researchers.

Based only a stone’s throw away from the University of Leipzig, the company develops and releases state-of-the-art software which has been proved and tested in real-life laboratory environments. Kapelan Bio-Imaging enjoys a strong research network and works with students, postgraduates, researchers and otherpartners throughout the world – from the development of prototypes to fully-fledged software solutions.

The Team of Kapelan Bio-Imaging consists of specialists in both bioinformatics and biology to provide best services and understanding of clients needs.

We provide

  • Team of skilled, experienced and motivated Bio-Informatics and Biology specialists
  • Experience of more than 18 years in image analysis and software development
  • Close network with scientific and diagnostic partners
  • Prooven and modern structures for software development