LabImage 1D is a highly flexible software solution for the analysis of 1D gel electrophoresis images. For fast and precise analysis, the program offers functions to automate predefined processes. As a result, the software delivers comparable data for analysis according to precisely defined criteria. At the same time, it brings massive time savings when processing large volumes of data in routine lab work. LabImage 1D is developed and supported by Kapelan and represents one of the few software solutions for the evaluation of laboratory applications that is permanently being further developed.

Extensions offer a flexible method of integrating new possibilities into the existing system. They are programs that can be inserted into the software as add-ons. This subsequent installation is very simple and can be organized in a practical way via the LabImage Application Pool.

At the moment there are three different extensions available for LabImage 1D:

Project Comparator: The Project Comparator allows a comparison of data from different projects. It offers a noticeable relief with the project-spreading handling of very large data sets. For instance, this extension can be used for the repeated analysis of total protein (TP). Thereby, the band strengths of different samples can be directly compared with each other.

Dendrogram: The Dendrogram extension enables a comparison of the tracks within a project by means of mathematical algorithms. In this process, clusters are automatically detected and assigned so that several homogeneous subsets can be defined from one heterogeneous sample. The clusters found are then displayed graphically in a dendrogram.

Metadata Manager: Using the Metadata Manager, selected areas of a project (ROIs, tracks or bands) can be linked to freely definable additional files. These files can be searched across projects. In addition to pure evaluation, the crosslinks do enable a more precise characterization of samples.

The current portfolio of add-ons can be expanded with manageable effort to integrate additional functions into the existing processes of LabImage 1D. The extensions can enhance the features of the software very well without having to intervene in the main software. They make thus a substantial contribution for an uncomplicated integration of new functions into the processes of LabImage 1D. In addition, they ensure constant quality and familiar stability while providing the most possible flexibility. With specific add-ons the core functions of LabImage 1D can be extended in a way that requirements for significant situations can be fulfilled more effectively. In this way, it is possible to adapt the system in use to the respective user in an optimal way.


Meta Data Management

Project Comparator

Dendrogramm extension