LabImage is a modern software environment to create image analysis apps for research, Pharma and routine 

LabImage works like your smartphone. You can load apps to the software using the LabImage app pool

LabImage operates on Windows, Mac and Linux system. It is compliant with latest operating systems

LabImage Apps

Any of those apps can be loaded into LabImage just like on your smart phone.


Colony and Cell Counting

Analysis for Line Assays and Blots

1D Gels and Western Blots

Object Analyser for Colony Plates

Image Measurement and Object Detection

LabImage Modules – a set of powerful tools

LabImage integrates external imagers and devices to deliver analysis systems

Image analysis algorithms provide latest imaging technology

All apps work compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and will be validatad with IQ/OQ 

All data can be exported in open formats and reports.

Each app can be customized to specific needs.

LabImage runs on Windows, Mac and Linux system – support for latest operating systems   

LabImage User Benefits

Benefits for User?

  • Pool of imaging apps
  • Guaranteed easy software maintenance
  • Central database
  • All apps follow the same user interface
  • No need for extensive training

Benefits for Cooperation Partner

  • All apps can be customized
  • Faster time to market
  • Apps are combined in a single environment
  • All apps follow the same interface idea

Benefits for Test Provider

  • Ready to use test editor
  • Faster time to market
  • IVD/CE compliance
  • Stable and well tested environment

LabImage Analysis Systems

Dynex Dynablot Automatic and LabImage LA – perfect combination for fully automated strip analysis 

Microtek Bio-5000 and LabImage 1D – 1D gel and blot analysis under 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

LabImager TR and LabImage LA – tray scanner and analysis out of the box  

LabImage Technical facts

LabImage is build on Java Technology. It therefore runs on different operating systems 

LabImage uses a modern plugin concept based on Eclipse framework and OSGI 


LabImage works with devices, readers and cameras for best workflow integration 

LabImage 1D – analyse your 1D Gels and Western Blots

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