LabImage AMP (Gel Electrophoresis Analyzer)
LabImage AMP was developed to analysis food samples using the MPN methode. It is part of an analysis system.    
The software was developed for an Austrian company. 
Field of Application

There are many discrete entities that are easily detected but difficult to count. Any sort of amplification reaction or catalysis reaction obliterates easy quantification but allows presence to be detected very sensitively. Common examples include microorganism growth, enzyme action, or catalytic chemistry. The MPN method involves taking the original solution or sample, and subdividing it by orders of magnitude (frequently 10× or 2×), and assessing presence/absence in multiple subdivisions.

The degree of dilution at which absence begins to appear indicates that the items have been diluted so much that there are many subsamples in which none appear. A suite of replicates at any given concentration allow finer resolution, to use the number of positive and negative samples to estimate the original concentration within the appropriate order of magnitude.

What is so special?
The software is based on the MPN method.
Involved devices /imagers
The software was developed in close coordination with an imager which was custom made for that type of application.
Finished in 2018


Micro plate containing the samples

Screen of application