Kapelan Bio-Imaging offers new calibration service for grayscale charts

Kapelan Bio-Imaging, a provider of innovative solutions for biomedical image analysis, proudly introduces its new grayscale chart calibration service. Customers can now have their reflected and transmitted light charts precisely calibrated to ensure optimal scanner performance. The calibration service is created as standardized procedures (SOP) that are based on the ISO 13485 quality management system. It is a cost-effective, sustainable and efficient service directly from Germany.

Calibration is performed as a factory calibration using optical densities (OD) and a high quality chart from the German Federal Office for Materials Research as a reference. Kapelan customers or third parties benefit from a simple and straightforward process. They send their chart to Kapelan Bio-Imaging for recalibration. The experienced team measures the chart, provides new calibration values and a factory calibration report. In addition, customers receive a new measurement file for optimal use of the calibrated chart.

Regular calibration ensures safety, cost effectiveness, compliance with quality standards and regulatory requirements. Financial savings through reduced product liability costs and longer instrument life are possible. Reliable calibration is an essential part of an effective quality management system and ensures precision and reliability. Especially in the highly sensitive field of medical laboratory diagnostics, consistently high quality of measurement results is essential.