The story behind Our name Kapelan

Experts of the pisciculture and gourmets know it, the silver-skinned salmon called Kapelan (capelin) – in Germany also known as Lodde (lat.: Mallotus Villosus). It lives on the surface as well as in the deep of 300 meters and lives in Faroese, Icelandic, Norwegian and British waters. It protects its partner with its flippers, when it dives down to the sea ground. Its aim is the continuity, the development and the future.



Our business is not related to the pisciculture of the North Atlantic and we also have less in common with a fishing. Solely we identify with the characteristics of our namesake. Its unique ability adapting the given circumstances and reply with a solution as well as defying hard environmental conditions is a perfect example for an effective and sustainable problem solution approach.

We take the liberty to be free in all directions – like a fish in the water and its permanent moving process. Our element is water, it is clear, creates transparency and reflects our performance.

When we started Kapelan in 2000 we had a team of 3 people. Still today our logo uses 3 fishes that jump out of the water and back in.

More on the Kapelan fish can be found at Wikipedia.