LabImage Modules – a set of powerful tools

The LabImage platform offers a variety of modules for any user looking for comprehensive bio-imaging software with a workflow-guided approach.

LabImage integrates external imagers and devices to deliver analysis systems

For many types of analyses, researchers struggle with managing several devices at once. Using the LabImage platform’s hardware control model, users can benefit from the easy integration of image acquisition hardware into the platform.

Image analysis algorithms provide latest imaging technology

Using the excellent scientific image analysis libraries of ImageJ (NIH) and others, the LabImage Platform incorporates a considerable array of well-established standard image analysis algorithms as well as intelligent and trainable object detection methods.

All apps are compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and will be validated with IQ/OQ 

All LabImage platform applications features a highly advanced 21 CFR Part 11 (GLP, GMP) module, ensuring secure logging of all actions. A documented approval process, secure data storage and the prevention of data manipulation are essential for working in a GxP setting – the new LabImage module delivers it all.

All data can be exported in open formats and reports.

The LabImage Platform is equipped with a customizable reporting tool. Users can have their analyses summarized and put in an easy-to-read format with just a few clicks. Every report can be saved to standard formats such as Word, Excel, PDF or TXT. While these standardized output formats are available for any type of analysis, the reporting processes can also be customized to fit even better into the preferred way of working.

Each app can be customized to specific needs.

Kapelan Bio-Imaging provides customized bio-imaging services and development. Current applications can be tailored to your specific needs and completely integrated into existing infrastructures. In addition, we develop and deploy a wide range of imaging applications based on the LabImage Platform to particular needs.

LabImage runs on Windows, Mac and Linux system – support for latest operating systems   

Built upon Java technology, the LabImage platform and all of its modules will run on common operating systems. Additionally, the user interface always resembles the operating system’s look and feel – under Windows, MacOS X and Linux – without any need for emulation and with no performance loss.

Process Automation using Macros

The automation of processes with methodes is an important part in the analysis of image data in the life sciences and therefore plays an essential role in the LabImage Platform. Almost every analysis step can be automated and implemented in a macro. A macro can be applied to either single images or image stacks, forming the basis for high-throughput-screening. An macro editor can be used to create and modify macros.

Flexible License Control, Network Licences

For the protection against unauthorized usage and to define individual feature packages, the LabImage Platform comes with a highly adaptable license management system. The customer can chose between stand-alone, network, time- or feature-limited, pay-per-use, as well as trial or demo versions. The license media can either be USB-dongles or file-based. Each license can be individually extended or upgraded any time.

Data Storage, Multi-User-Environments

The LabImage platform offers a single database solution for all application modules, delivering a ready-to-use embedded local database solution. Users benefit from full transparency and there is no need for individual configuration or database management. LabImage provides modules to use external database systems.

Optimized user interfaces for desktop and touch

The LabImage user interfaces are optimized for workflow based processes. Apps can be reduced to a very low need for user interaction but a straight forward analysis process. Within the same software user can switch to a fully touch compliant user interface to interact with e.g. devices with touch panels. Each analysis process will be created to the clients needs.        

Bidirectional LIMS Communication

Clients in routine diagnostics require data exchange with third party systems to provide seamless flow of data. Therefore LabImage is equiped with a flexible LIMS (Laboratory information management system) module to exchange data in a bidirectional way.   

Seamless integration of readers to provide closed systems

Most clients require combination of hardware and software to provide a system solution. LabImage provides device controlling and data exchange formats to deliver seamless integration of readers, cameras, microscopes and many more. Data aquisition is preset with defined parameters to load data with a single click only. Analysis methodes can be predefined as well.