The LabImager MR –  Fully automated Microscope for routine use

The LabImager MR (MR = Microscope Reader) is an analyzer for imaging procedures in routine, diagnostics and research. It combines the benefits of a digital and completely enclosed microscope and the fully automatic analysis of the data using a software for control and analysis in one system. The LabImager MR is the first device of its class with an easy possibility of the adaption of Apps. It also provides a larger sample holder (2 x microtiter plates (MTP) format) and is optimized for several popular slides (MTP, glass slide, arrays, Neubauer chamber).

It will be complemented with a totaly new concept of touch based imaging apps running on the device.

The device development is in progress and will soon be available as prototype. Further information will follow soon.

Some specifications for preview

Optic: 1.2x–40x optic with two exchangeable objectives

Camera: 16 bit CCD/CMOS, (depending on requirements)

Sample movement: XYZ table with 130 x 170 mm travel path, 2 times micro plate

Lighting: White light, 4 different fluorescence incl. Filter (FITC, DAPI, Cy5, Cy7

Software: LabImage Apps for different use cases according to request