High-throughput analysis and quantification of recombinant erythropoietin (EPO) using LabImage 1D EPO

The reliable and valid detection of recombinant erythropoietin is an indispensable tool for routine diagnostics in certified WADA laboratories in the field of professional and competitive sports. Kapelan Bio-Imaging provides the latest generation of image analysis software for routine EPO diagnostics, based on the globally established LabImage 1D. LabImage 1D EPO is effective due to its distinct usability and running stability, far-reaching automation options for high-throughput analysis and reliable band and track detection.

LabImage 1D functions for EPO diagnostics:

  • For routine diagnostics, LabImage 1D uses macros configured for individualised high-throughput analyses. That allows images to be analysed, quantified and documented within minutes.
  • LabImage 1D EPO automatically detects running tracks and bands and allows for an adapted background correction, including the symmetry factor. All parameters relevant for the analysis, such as molecular weight standards, can be individually adjusted.
  • LabImage 1D combines automated analysis and reporting functions so that individual evaluation steps are continuously available and requires only one software for routine diagnostics.
  • The extensive support and continuous further development of LabImage 1D ensure a high degree of running stability, thus guarantee the reliability of the evaluation at all times.

LabImage 1D from Kapelan Bio-Imaging offers the optimal solution for routine diagnostics for EPO detection. The software combines the advantages of fully automated image analysis and evaluation with a high degree of customisability. This way, the manual workload in EPO diagnostics can be significantly reduced with LabImage 1D so that all processes – from image analysis to documentation are improved.  Assure yourself with 20 years of experience in the field of 1D gel and Western blot analysis the advantages of LabImage 1D in EPO routine diagnostics!

LabImage 1D EPO was made in close cooperation with the German WADA lab in Cologne and is in routine use since one year.

Wada Lab states: “We have been using the LabImage 1D EPO for quite some time for the evaluation of our samples in the daily routine. The adjustments we have made to the software with Kapelan significantly speed up the evaluation of the data and lead to valid and fast processes.” 

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