Mission of Kapelan Bio-Imaging

We deliver straight forward imaging software solutions and systems to the life science market in order to simplify and accelerate work processes.

With its strong background in prototyping up to 21 CFR part 11 compliant software, Kapelan Bio-Imaging has already deployed a number of projects with tailor-made customer developments, all based on LabImage. Within the last ten years, the LabImage 1D has been installed more than 4000 times. We secure results in data processing and contribute tools for data integrity.  We make it simple.

Applications for routine use based on LabImage stand for fast and easy data processing with reliable results and data security. Our work releases resources in order to redeploy and relive them more productively in another context.

LabImage workflows are made to simplify data processing and mark a new standard in workflow based imaging.

This why

  We Simplify the work people in the lab work on their tasks. 

  We Accelerate the time people working on task.

  We Relieve people with monotone task so they can concentrate on whats important. 

  We Secure the correctness of results with focused workflows.