Epson Perfection V800 / V850

The Epson V800 / 850 scanner in combination with the LabImage 1D is an inexpensive system for scanning 1D gels and other colorimetric marked transparent samples. The scanner achieves an optical density of up to 4 OD in transmitted light mode. The scanner is also a perfect choice for use with moist gels due to the sealing of the sample carrier. With the improved high-pass optics, the V800 / 850 delivers very high image quality at high scanning speeds and short warm-up times.

But only in combination with the LabImage Scan Interface and LabImage 1D Part 11 does the scanner show its full potential. The seamless integration in LabImage using various scan methods provides compliant data for later evaluation including all acquisition parameters in the audit trail. The direct integration in LabImage creates a closed system in which the image data never leaves the secured Part 11 system. The documentation of the evaluation includes all steps from image creation to the finished analysis in an audit trail.

The scanner can be calibrated with the LabImage grayscale wedges. Transmitted light wedges with either 21 or 28 individual steps and 0.15 OD gradation are available. The calibration is very easy to do with the integrated process. The grayscale wedges are calibrated and can optionally be delivered with a calibration certificate.



Epson Perfection V800/850