New research project to develop a HEART-ON-A-CHIP system for clinical and industrial applications – Kapelan awarded to develop software

– Heart disease is one of the leading causes of human death

– new research project to be developed a new chip system platform

– Kapelan Bio-Imaging wins contract for software development and device control

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death for people around the world. In many cases, heart transplantation is the only way to preserve patient life. However, transplants can only help a few patients, as there will probably always be fewer donor organs compared to what is needed. The success of a transplant also depends on a successful suppression of the rejection reaction of the immune system. These treatment gaps cannot close stem cell based regenerative medicine for the foreseeable future.

The aim of technological development is a new test platform for miniaturized testing of heart muscle cells and their applications in drug screening and precision medicine. The test platform (process and device) will be developed based on the experience of partners from the Netherlands and using the digital-holographic supported quantitative phase-contrast microscopy as well as fluorescence imaging and impedance spectra.

Kapelan has been awarded for the development of a HEART-ON-A-CHIP system for clinical and industrial applications. Kapelan will take over the device controlling of the system and the data evaluation as software partner.

“The application of our software technologies to a new area, as in the case of chip systems and their data evaluation, is a new segment for Kapelan. We are very pleased to be able to contribute our expertise to this European consortium, “explains Olaf Brenn, CEO of Kapelan Bio-Imaging. The ZIM project is designed for 2.5 years and is supervised by the VDI / VDE.