New Netflix series Biohackers features LabImage 1D software

With its recent productions the pay TV provider Netflix is used to creating a stir, and its new highly topical series Biohackers, launched in the middle of the corona crisis, is no exception. The series revolves around a medical student who enrolls at a leading university on a secret mission to investigate a family tragedy connected with a professor of biology. Professor Lorenz teaches the synthetic biology course and the student, Mia, suspects that Lorenz has something to do with the death of her twin brother who died as a child.

The series includes scenes set in medical laboratories and in one of them Netflix uses the LabImage 1D software for data analysis. LabImage 1D can be seen in the background during a short sequence in series 1, episode 3.

“We were thrilled to have been approached by one of our sales partners with this request and were more than happy to assist in the shooting,” says Olaf Brenn, CEO of Kapelan Bio-Imaging.


LabImage 1D

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