Kapelan signs cooperation agreement with Czech company Dynex to develop and market fully automated systems for immunoblot and line assays processing. 

Kapelan has been active on the market for years as a specialist in the software-based evaluation of immunoblots or line assays. Through the cooperation with Dynex, a fully automatic evaluation system is now being developed which clearly sets itself apart from the market in terms of flexibility and speed. Czech Dynex, based near Prague, has been developing devices for routine diagnostics for many years and, with the Dynablot Automatic device, it has one of the most innovative systems on the market for the fully automated processing of immunoblots. Kapelan’s LabImage LA software is now expanding its functionality to include automatic evaluation of immunoblots and integration into laboratory IT.

Both companies have now signed a cooperation agreement in order to bundle their competences and thus to be able to offer fully automatic evaluation systems in the market in a better and more targeted manner.

Olaf Brenn, CEO of Kapelan says, “We are very excited about the intensive collaboration with Dynex as we are able to offer complete systems for the evaluation of line assay. Our business fields complement each other very seamlessly. “