Interest in nature strengthened in pupils

Kapelan Bio-Imaging supports pharmaceutical companies and cooperation partners in many countries around the globe with software solutions for routine laboratory tasks. At the same time, however, the company and its employees are also dedicated to highlighting the im-portance of the environment and of ecosystems in the region. One way of doing this is to teach children as early as possible the vital importance of environmental protection and biodi-versity. Thus it was a pleasure for Kapelan to construct an insect hotel for the Lessing primary school in Leipzig. A few weeks later its interior was filled, together with the pupils, providing a home for bees and other insects in the near future. The insect hotel will give pupils from the school a first-hand opportunity to experience and learn about the life and work of bees on the school grounds. Kapelan CEO and hobby beekeeper Olaf Brenn explained the idea for the project: “It all start-ed when my daughter told me that they were being taught about the environment at school and especially about insects. In turn the subject of bees and honey came up, and as a hobby beekeeper this naturally caught my attention. That’s how the idea for the insect hotel came about.” After the construction of the basic framework by the Kapelan team, the insect hotel was filled and ‘opened’ together with the pupils from the Lessing primary school, who wel-comed the new city-centre insect habitat with great euphoria. Olaf Brenn and his team also took special delight in the presentation: “With the handing over of the insect hotel, Kapelan once again underlines how international activities and regional, voluntary commitment benefit-ting our children can – and should – go hand in hand.”